Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphone Reviews

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphone

After being proclaimed at CES, the Jaybird Freedom wireless headphones are finally here. they need a replacement style, a replacement approach of charging, and jaybird even free a replacement app to travel beside them. however ar they everything we hoped for?

What’s inside?

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphone Reviews

In the box, you’ll get a soft carrying pouch, brochure, the headphones, three sets of wings tips (L, M, S), and half dozen pairs of ear tips moreover in either silicone polymer or abide by meHeadphone


mory coming back in tiny, medium, and large. Then you’ll get a brief charging cable, a pair of wire clips for cable management (super important), and any low clip to secure it to your shirt. Not so vital. Finally, you’ll get the charging cradle that you’ll get to recharge the headphones.

Build & Design

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphone Reviews

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that these look pretty completely different from the originals. The earbuds area unit approach slimmer currently and have a rounded off style that appears extremely sleek. If you’re not acquainted with the X2s, the earbuds wont to house the battery that created them massive and hulking. And since the earbuds area unit slim currently, the battery had to travel somewhere. which means that the management module is currently big, bulky, and not too pretty.

When I initial saw the new Freedoms i assumed,”Man, that’s bulky”, and currently that I actually have them I will confirm: it’s big. therefore big that if you don’t use the wire clips, the additional slack within the cable will certainly force them to fall out of your ear whereas running. These additionally don’t have a micro-USB input on the headphones themselves. Instead, New World jay opted for a charging cradle that you simply got to connect with the headphones so as to plug them in. They can also clip to the management module whereas you’re sporting them for a lift in battery life.

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphone Reviews

When you attach the cradle it gets even bulkier, however, I still assume that it’s an honest plan. once going for a run I simply came back to the car, snapped on the charging cradle, and allow them to charge make a copy. Overall, the most important issue that I had with the Freedoms was the work. I had a very exhausting time getting these to remain in my ear and that I truly had to rewrite this complete review as a result of after I finally found the correct combination of tips and twine length to induce them to suit properly, it modified the expertise. Still, no combination helped throughout running. The large management module simply gets a force out of my ear as a result of its weight and solely the wire clips were able to facilitate once plenty of adjusting. If I would like to use two clips for the wire and a 3rd to stay it clipped to my shirt simply to travel on a fast run, perhaps the look desires a bit rethinking. On the intense facet these do feel pretty powerful and don’t appear to be they’d snap under stress.

Sound Quality

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphone Reviews

When it involves sound quality, one issue that I noticed that actually created a distinction was the volume. These get extremely loud that is nice for fitness, however not most for sound quality. For testing I created a flat combining weight profile within the app with great care I will see however the headphones sound with none enhancements.


Even with a flat combining weight profile the Freedoms still have a decent stress on bass, that is predicted considering they’re supposed for fitness. That said, they weren’t overdone and even if they’re stronger than I like, they were contained in the low finish.


Mids extremely looked as if it would take a success this point around. Vocals and instruments don’t have a large quantity of detail and nearly seems like they need a luster over them. particularly in songs like “Life is Wonderful” by mythical being Mraz wherever it starts off acoustic and brings in additional instruments halfway through.


Again, these get loud. And strictly due to that the highs tend to be somewhat piercing unless you dramatically lower the degree. There’s a bell synth in “Ember” by WhoMadeWho that’s nearly painful at some points.


Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphone Reviews

One side of the headphones that were ne’er a difficulty throughout testing was a Bluetooth strength. no matter wherever my phone was throughout my runs I experienced no skipping the least bit. Even around my house, the affiliation was simply reliable up to thirty feet. recent out of the box I wasn’t too affected by sound quality, however, the new jaybird MySound app is pretty handy. Not solely will it keep you recent with what proportion battery is left, however, it additionally allows you to fine-tune the relative atomic mass settings to your feeling. you’ll be able to additionally flick thru presets and preview however they sound, together with ones created by athletes. The presets then get synced to the Freedoms themselves and to not the supply device. thus if you turn between devices as usually as I do, a minimum of you’ll be able to calculate your music to sound similar. in contrast to wired headphones, Bluetooth electro-acoustic transducer controls aren’t switched or disable reckoning on your software. thus whether or not you employ humanoid or iOS the playback controls work a similar. you’ll be able to pause and play music, skip between tracks.


Overall, the Jaybird Freedom does look manner sleeker than the X2s, however, they conjointly don’t work similarly. the larger ‘buds of the X2s compact themselves in your ears and although it absolutely was large and looked weird, they work nice. With the Freedoms, you have got to trust fully on the tiny accessories just like the cable clips and wing tips. It’s not possible to search out a good work (and perhaps it’s simply me) however it’s positively manner more durable than one thing just like the UA Headphones Wireless that simply keep in your ears despite what you are doing. The sound quality is okay even with the help of the app, however, lets are honest — you’re not obtaining these for the audiophile quality. You’re obtaining them for fitness. however, unless you’ll be able to get them to suit dead they’re not too nice therein facet either. when obtaining the correct work I actually just like the Freedom Wireless, however, i believe I’m simply reaching to expect the X3s and hope that they’re easier to use.



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